Association Emmanuel
About Association Emmanuel

About Association Emmanuel

When social services are unable to find an adoptive family, Association Emmanuel works actively to promote the adoption of every child, no matter what special needs they may have.

Association Emmanuel was founded in 1987 on the conviction that every child, whatever their needs or difficulties, has the right to be raised by a loving family. Our association brings together families and supporters to find homes for children who have either biological families who have placed them for adoption or have been relocated under Quebec’s Youth Protection Act. The adoptive families we work with which we call Emmanuel families make a commitment to being the child’s new and permanent family. They help ensure that these children, like all other children, enjoy the fundamental right to be part of a family in which they are loved and protected and where they can develop to their full potential.

Association Emmanuel’s actions have always been guided by the needs and interests of children in Quebec. We continually update our processes in response to changing practices, laws, and developments in the healthcare field. We are raising the next generation by helping adoptive families prepare to welcome children into their homes and supporting families through the entire process of adopting a child with special needs, from initial hesitations to realizing the dream of creating a family. We also offer practical assistance with the various stages of the adoption process, which varies depending on the child’s specific circumstances and regional administrative rules.


To be a key resource, known and recognized in Québec for its contribution to the adoption of children with disabilities or special needs.