Available Workshops

We conduct workshops on request for a variety of clients throughout Quebec. Here are the main available workshops.

Emotional Security & Complex Trauma

This workshop provides insights into recognizing and dealing with complex trauma in children.

  • What is the impact of complex trauma on the developing child?
  • Why should we see these behaviours as symptoms?
  • What are the characteristics of secure caregiving?
  • How can we help children to regulate their emotions?
  • How can we help children to develop a better sense of emotional security?

Gestance Workshop on Adopting Children With Special Needs

Learn about the process involved in adopting a child with special needs: legal procedures, types of adoption projects, special challenges faced by children, and more.

Preparing For Adoption

A workshop for parents seeking individualized support in their adoption process. This workshop explores the functions of attachment, dimensions of a secure caregiver and common reactions of a child arriving in a new family.

Circle of Security Parenting

Circle of Security® Parenting™ is a parent-reflection program. Learn about secure attachment between parents and children aged 5 and under through dialogue and reflection. 

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