Association Emmanuel


How long is the adoption process?

Wait times vary enormously from region to region, and can range from several months to three years.

Does Association Emmanuel also work with international adoption?

Association Emmanuel is mainly involved in local adoptions, but we can also assist international adoption bodies with the adoption of children with special needs.

Can a single parent or same-sex couple adopt a child?


Who conducts the home study?

Your regional Centre Jeunesse (or that of another region, when agreed) is responsible for carrying out the home study.

Do I have to be a member of Association Emmanuel to adopt a child with a disability in Quebec, or can I complete the process entirely with my regional Centre Jeunesse?

You don’t have to be a member of Association Emmanuel to adopt. However, we offer personalized support throughout the adoption process. Being a provincial association, we also maintain contact with all the Centres Jeunesse in the province, thus increasing the chances to find the right family for every child.

I’m thinking about adopting, but I have a lot of questions. Can Association Emmanuel assist me?

Yes. Our Gestance Meeting (in french) was created especially for prospective adoptive parents seeking information and support.