Association Emmanuel
The Process

The Process

Every year across Quebec, dozens of children are placed for adoption or removed from their family environment due to serious negligence or violence. Association Emmanuel recognizes every child’s right to a family, regardless of disability or special needs. We want every child who is born different and who faces rejection due to their difference to experience a normal family life as they grow up; preferably with their biological family, but otherwise, with an adoptive family.

Who are the children?

Children in need of a family can present a wide range of needs. About half of them have an intellectual disability and/or significant healthcare needs. The other half come through Quebec’s Banque mixte (Mixed Bank) program. These children have a diverse range of needs that are harder to anticipate. The majority have suffered from emotional neglect and many of them, even if they don’t have an intellectual disability, suffer from delayed development and other issues such as sleep, eating, and speech disorders. These children are removed from their homes by Youth Protection services because they have been victims of violence and/or serious negligence.

Who can be an adoptive parent?

Adopting a child with a disability demands serious commitment. While there isn’t an “ideal” candidate, all adoptive families must take the time to reflect on this life-changing decision. You have to be willing to dedicate yourself fully to the child’s wellbeing.

Steps of the adoption process

.: Receive an information kit from Association Emmanuel
.: Register with your regional Centre Jeunesse
.: Register with Association Emmanuel
.: Meet with our director or a member who is already an adoptive family
.: Attend information sessions
.: Complete a psychosocial assessment with a social worker from your Centre Jeunesse
.: You will then be matched with a child.